by Cody McClaine

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1/3 of The Verified has been close to The Sweep, so when he found out that Ru - the producer - made a beat tape and some rappers had ended up selecting one beat to rock, he decided to choose one that fit him very well.


Intricate ink lead astray,
Then BAM! Didn't blink much to think, 'Set it straight.'
Assured it the same as Sean, just raw through my performance,
Yet the boorish distort how I retort it
But here comes the linear Lincecum from the dominant hand
Nasty delivery immersed in a lot of his rants
Ran smack through every target meant to target me
Such unrivaled artistry that is flowing through these arteries
Up jumps the boogie monster due to sleeping in
C.O. has got it sewn up, so witness how the reap begins
Deem me unimpressed with what you pressed up... You say I'm bugging,
But need I say more with McKayla mugging?
Down with the output if what you put in it doesn't deserve it
Disregard on display when your disc is just a disservice
So advanced that my timing is wrong
Contemporaries galore, wondering who you temps are trying to con
With your funny rhyme songs
I'll "92277" your steez; you'll feel the "Twenty Nine Palms"
Demonstrating Edmond Honda verbal; watch for the 30th
70 remains containing pain of a worldly gift
Viewed as Ip Man as I move through both fours
Common man though common time as I'm bruising those scores
Thinking you're bound to blow up? Really, that should be scratched
As Brazilian braggadocio is leaving you pussies waxed
Wax poetic, let it rock through the writer's block
Cats won't get it; I bet it tops what they decide to drop
Still an angle of that V; a wordsmith providing a new recital
As the beatsmith invited me through the title, stupid


released October 16, 2012
(A. Tandy)
Beat by Ru (AreYou)
Recorded by Cody McClaine (Raleigh, NC)

Mixed by
Ru (Sacramento, CA)
Cody McClaine (Raleigh, NC)

Mastered by Cody McClaine (Raleigh, NC)




The Verified Los Angeles, California

The Verified is a Hip-Hop trio that consists of Jabez, NoHood, and McClaine. Hailing from different sides of the country, Jabez and NoHood started as a group called, Native Tongue, and McClaine was one-half of the group, Philosophy. In 2007, McClaine was added to the group after a feature on a song and the title of the group changed a bit of thought. ... more

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