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This is a throwback track courtesy of Two-Thirds of The Verified alongside R&B singer, Jarell Perry.

The story behind this is that Jabez was originally the one that came up with this idea. Cody wrote his verse first and once Jarell heard it, he came up with a hook immediately. All that was left was Jabez, but he got swamped with undergrad schoolwork. This lead to consulting L'amour, who came through in the clutch.

"Real" was originally a song featured on Cody McClaine's "Singles' Awareness Day."


[Verse 1: L'amour]

Now, darling, I'm startled
I guess it's hitting me to hard as you to part when this relationship ain't even docked yet
I know; you ain't wanna get your heart crushed,
But I'ma kiss my thumb and swear by pinky promise

So don't... D-D-Don't go breaking my heart
Yeah, I could mend it in a second, but why should I start
I remember when we met; you was shy from the mark
And I was checking you out without the library card

Can't end it with Omega; we're just beginning our Alpha
No second guess, and yes I can't be a second without ya
And I ain't big balling; I shop it out
But it's no black card, but red card; it's from Ralph's Club

And that's just being real with ya
Don't wanna be near; I wanna be nearest ya
I wanna be your big spoon and scoop you up,
But all jokes aside, I wanna be with ya

[Chorus: Jarell]

I can't play this game... This love is insane
What more can I do to show that it's true
How I feel {2x}

I made a mistake, but I can't be fake
I'd do anything to make sure that she knows I'm real
I'm for real

[Verse 2: McClaine]

They say it is what it is when it never was
'Cause they only thing depending was resolving the conflict descending us
I mean, we found friends in us with little intent of lust,
But with no ascent in trust, it's practially ending us

It entered us into our cold moments of awkwardness
And after a state of holding in, it altered this
Raw emotion that keeps pouring out of us daily
I'm done fighting and sick of seeing frowns on this lady

Saying, "Now you've betrayed me," but I'm loyal to the third degree and truly, it's hurting me that I'm breaking her heart
And I wouldn't doubt a bit that I'm good about my wits, but for now, she's convinced that I've been chasing some tart

That belief alone is how our distance had came,
But the fact that it isn't fact is a sin and a shame
Now, she shouldn't have to feel this, so I must do what I should:
I either win her confidence back or lose her for good, you know?

[Chorus: Jarell]


released February 14, 2008
(K. Lai, J. Perry, A. Tandy)
Prod. by Kajimir Royale

Recorded by
Kenny L'amour/Neighborhood Kenny (Los Angeles, CA)
Jarell Perry (Los Angeles, CA)
Cody McClaine (Raleigh, NC)



all rights reserved


The Verified Los Angeles, California

The Verified is a Hip-Hop trio that consists of Jabez, NoHood, and McClaine. Hailing from different sides of the country, Jabez and NoHood started as a group called, Native Tongue, and McClaine was one-half of the group, Philosophy. In 2007, McClaine was added to the group after a feature on a song and the title of the group changed a bit of thought. ... more

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