"The Season"

by The Verified & Ehwhenkeem

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All three members of The Verified are back. Before we kick off a blueprint for a new EP, we thought that it would be a good idea to spread some love for the upcoming holiday season.


{Verse 1: Jabez}

Ayo, come settle in and listen to this inner-city Bedouin
I've been a loser all my life, so now I better win
The first of three kings to ride to Bethlehem
My eyes closed, my hands folded, and legs bent
As I pray for my family and best friends,
and even every man who sinned against me
I ain't in a Benz yet, but a Benz is in me
Yo, Han, I'll meet you at Itaewon with Promethazine and Codeine
Leaning in my hometown
Best lyricist from D.B.I. holds the thrown now
If my reign goes down, it'll be like the snow on the ground,
But shoutout to all my hyungs who are always holding me down
Y'all taught me the ropes, now heads are nodding to my sound now
Five years since I've been out of town now
I haven't seen my pops in a while
So I'ma stay at home for the countown; out now!

{Chorus 2x: Ehwhenkeem}

There's gotta be a reason
We're just trying to live life again
'Tis the season with The V, son
And we're (smiling, being happy again)

{Verse 2: McClaine}

As Andy's big announcement is echoed across the halls,
I'm taking note of the flakes and their patterns amongst their fall
I can't help but indulge in the same bliss
As I knock off the dust from the skully of St. Nick
Rock the proper Rastaclats for the festive moment, roll up the sleeves
Far from nonchalant, but the rest won't know it, so once I leave
It's an entrance for renwal. Putting a lock on my straits
Reminding myself how Hollis and Harlem rock on this date
Crooning from the corner's carolers
All the hype from the youth is something that can't be bound through words
Soak it in while I'm at ease. I feel sensation through this day's delight
As incandescent collaborations give that ray of light
A light-hearted affair to heal the heaviest hearts
Halls decked to the nines with boughs send me this spark
As everything from sights of wreaths impact me
With the new desire for (smiling, being happy again)

{Chorus 2x: Ehwhenkeem}

{Verse 3: Neighbor}
Holidays? To me, it's the same shit, just another day in the neighborhood
Never gave a damn about the carols, and cards, and bull
'Til old babygirl shot me that special look
(I had to save it in my memory book)
I'm feeling good. As full as a fresh sack
Far East to the West Coast. When we gon' head back?
Richer than rich, but as poor as the next man
Passion is a luxury... Remember that
I'm breaking the Ice, she's bundled up nice
Hair in a bun, she's my Leia. I'm Han Solo, a double-dutch knight
And I would have paid dolo, but I wanna save up for the next one
I actually plan forward
Unwashed hands on my scrotum
Saying, "Love the world or do me dirty wide open"
The Verified, clairvoyant, bright focus
I've stared the sun in its eye. Hold it! It's working!

{Chorus 2x: Ehwhenkeem}


released December 1, 2013
Recorded by:
Ehwhenkeem (Los Angeles, CA)
Jabez (Los Angeles, CA)
Neighbor Kenny (Los Angeles, CA)
Cody McClaine (Raleigh, NC)

Ehwhenkeem appears courtesy of Roots of Society

Produced by Dre Brown
Mixed and Mastered by Cody McClaine (Raleigh, NC)

Artwork by Cody McClaine
Christmas brush courtesy of Lileya.deviantart.com



all rights reserved


The Verified Los Angeles, California

The Verified is a Hip-Hop trio that consists of Jabez, NoHood, and McClaine. Hailing from different sides of the country, Jabez and NoHood started as a group called, Native Tongue, and McClaine was one-half of the group, Philosophy. In 2007, McClaine was added to the group after a feature on a song and the title of the group changed a bit of thought. ... more

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