"Too Far"

by Cody McClaine

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The feeling of becoming "a girl's biggest regret" is apparent to 1/3 of The Verified, but the reasoning enhances on why this is so.

Much of his examples from his past are compounded into this track which documents how most of his friend's girlfriends ended up attracted to him later on.


{Verse 1}

Lead through Crabtree with an 8 or 9
Vicki’s Secret was the locale of the strangest time
I sat down to a showcase, or maybe a foreshadow of sorts
As the dim lighting brings the allure out of the store
She shows off a two-piece jammy with lots of lacing
Biting her lower lip as a sign of some provocation
And I don’t know the stance to take in this position,
Which means I’m not the one that should be making this decision
Perhaps I’m hope adored
Breaking an unspoken rule as I’m speaking with someone that has been spoken for
And speaking of, their speaking is bare minimum
No sight of remorse in her eyes while staring into them
As she compares the kid to him, whom are best of friends
And treating her as the same was really my best intent
Yet how did this mess ascend? Thinking as I replayed it through
‘Cause this small connection; I never thought we would take it too far

{Chrous 2x}

This is going too far
But every bit of us
Keeps us curious with every little touch
The flow of two hearts
And every bit of trust
Wants the moments it’s presented as it’s hushed

{Verse 2}

At first, I was a messenger to her; then I was simply an ear
As this mess inverted her, but it would get me to fear
I being in a position I never liked to begin with
But noticeable scars would show the height of his imprint
Dying to be the Wi-Fi, the using of her data
With no caution involved meant he didn’t want to date her
I guess that put her angles into a different degree
As her questions about him were slowly shifted to me
Calling hours extended… I guess we shared the cape for
The venting I remembered started fading with the vapor
Her helping to repair the loneliness that I hone
As the selfies she prepared found refuge inside my phone
Leading to affection displayed in public
Friends asking what happened with the other, but she would just sway the subject
I never thought that she’d be enticed by what I say or do
But I guess the void that’s within her caused her to take it too far

{Chorus 2x}

{Verse 3}

I’m feeling rather constricted while under this construct
And certainly conflicted, yet sure of this con, but
I have been the Yin to his Yang, maintaining our plainest difference
To girls, I’m a grower while he quickly can gain their interest
He’s working on a route that I won’t fit in
Just reverse every Sweet Nothing for my opinion
Normally, he gets those halter tops bundled up on his carpet,
But this time, the ball was dropped on just one of his targets
His love is quite fly, so it’s right of him to brag,
Yet I love like mine what was pie for him to bag
In fact, based solely on the basics of his crap
The knight-stepping was just a bold statement from his stat
So I come to terms with what some have discovered:
He wanted the praise, but she wanted someone to love her
Not a settling point, yet it seems that I make it true
So with every grain of neglect, he made her take it too far

{Chorus 2x}


released June 25, 2014
(A. Tandy)
Prod. by ManHe
Recorded and Mastered by Cody McClaine (Raleigh, NC)




The Verified Los Angeles, California

The Verified is a Hip-Hop trio that consists of Jabez, NoHood, and McClaine. Hailing from different sides of the country, Jabez and NoHood started as a group called, Native Tongue, and McClaine was one-half of the group, Philosophy. In 2007, McClaine was added to the group after a feature on a song and the title of the group changed a bit of thought. ... more

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